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Aloha! Welcome to ALB's Nature Journal. I hope that this site will become useful for both you and I. Throughout the spring 2006 semester, I hope to become excited and intreged about the world of science. I look forward to this class sparking an interest in this field and help me to learn new fun and enjoyable ways of teaching science.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Centipedes are gross and disgusting! And I totally freak out when I see ‘um. Up until 2 years ago, I have never been stung by one. My first experience of getting stung was when I was sleeping and it got me right on the top of my head. I felt the sting and screamed really loud. I then got up and turned on the light, only to find a huge centipede chill’in on my pillow. Everyone in the house woke up due to my scream and helped me kill it. After I got stung, my boyfriend's mom applied vinegar to the sting for about 5 minutes. The pain then went away. Ever since this experience, I have been freaked out about centipedes especially since I know the pain that they cause.

My question is what is a centipede? Centipedes are reddish-brown, flat, and long and have legs on each side of their body. The first pair of legs is modified into poisonous jaws located below the mouth to kill insects. Centipedes feed on live insects and other small animals including cockroaches, clothes moths, and house flies. Usually you can find them in damp places including the basement, cemented areas, wood piles and under leaves. Adults lay eggs during the warm months and are laid in the soil and protected by adults. A few species give birth to living young. You can control these pests by reducing the moisture and humidity in your house and using household sprays. This is not good news, but centipedes can live up to six years.

Have you ever noticed that when you cut centipedes in half both sides wiggle and seem to be alive? Well, that is because they have numerous body segments. Each pair of legs is considered a separate body segment and they can have any where from 20-100 legs. Centipedes are primarily nocturnal and are shy of the light, although some species are active at all times.

Always remember.....if you get stung, apply vinegar right away. It takes away the pain and the swelling.


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