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Aloha! Welcome to ALB's Nature Journal. I hope that this site will become useful for both you and I. Throughout the spring 2006 semester, I hope to become excited and intreged about the world of science. I look forward to this class sparking an interest in this field and help me to learn new fun and enjoyable ways of teaching science.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What is the size, mass and gravity, and temperature on the Moon? Does it have an atmosphere?

To better understand what the moon is all about, I think it would be best to get the facts down first. Let’s find out its size, mass and gravity, temperature, and does it have an atmosphere?

First off, the Moon’s diameter is 2,140 miles (3,476 km), 27% of the diameter of the Earth. The ratio of the Earth and Moon is quite small in comparison to ratios of other planet and moon systems. In other planet systems the moons are much smaller in comparison and have less of an effect on the planet.

The moon’s mass is (7.35 x 10²² kg), about 1/81 of the Earth’s mass. The moon’s gravitational force is only 17% of the Earth’s gravity. For example, a 100 pound person would weigh only 17 pounds on the Moon. The Moon’s density is 3340 kg/m². This is about 3/5 the density of the Earth.

The temperature of the Moon ranges from daytime highs of about 130°C=265°F to nighttime lows of about 110°C=-170°F.

The Moon does not have an atmosphere. On the Moon, the sky always appears dark, even on the bright side. The Moon is also silent because sound waves travel through air and so there can be no sound transmission on the Moon (there is no atmosphere).


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