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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


This morning I was in my sisters room and she had a poster of Bob Marley. As I was looking at him, I asked the question what are dreadlocks and how do you make them? Living in Hawaii we see many people walking around with dreadlocks. The cool thing is that people of all races and ethnicities have them. FYI: Not to worry, this is not something I would do! This would take some guts!

Deadlocks are matted hair. I found a website that gave 9 different ways to create dreadlocks. The most common one is: Backcombing

You will need:
Dread Wax
Residue Free Shampoo
Metal Comb
The site recommends using the DreadHead Supa Dupa Dread Kit: It has everything you need and they guarantee your hair will dread.

1. Wash your hair with a residue free shampoo and let it air dry.
2. Section your hair into sections that are 1 inch by 1 inch. You can use rubberbands to hold the sections while you section the rest of your hair.
3. Start in the back of your head, remove the rubberbands and start teasing the hair towards your scalp. Only backcomb about a half inch of hair at a time, this will keep your dreads from forming loops.
4. Once you have finished backcombing the that section of hair, put a rubberband on the tip and one on the root. Add about an M&M's worth of wax to the dreadlock and palm roll it.
5. Do this to all the sections of hair.

If your interested in learning about the other 8 methods of making dreads visit this link.


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